The ECOFLO pump range is a series of 4″ and 6″ self-priming, quiet, and environmentally friendly Stage V engine diesel pumps that are suitable for use in almost every end suction centrifugal pump application due to their two interchangeable impellers: an open impeller for handling solids and a closed impeller for clean water. These versatile pumps are ideal for construction, agriculture, and dewatering applications, offering durability and efficiency

  • 2,000 hours of maintenance free running time due to the high quality diaphragm and valves.
  • Provide excellent solids handling capabilities combined with superb fuel efficiency. 
  • Come fitted with stacking brackets so you can place one pump on top of the other when space is a premium requirement. 
  • We also supply each pump with a central lifting eye and forklift channels for all lifting requirements.

Key Features

Interchangeable impellers for more applications
Unlike most manufacturers who build one pump for one application, our pumps provide the capacity to interchange two impellers within the pump – a 100mm solids handling vortex impeller and a 76mm semi-open impeller for dewatering. Simply interchange between impeller options depending on the application requirement. No other company or professional body offers this as a solution.

Diaphragm Vacuum Priming System & Lubricated Mechanical Seals

The ECOFLO series feature an automatic self-priming diaphragm vacuum system that is not only reliable, quiet and efficient, but provides rapid priming and repriming in snore conditions. The system handles both air & liquid mixtures and all pumps are equipped with externally lubricated mechanical seals with hard faces. This lubrication prevents damage during dry running, allowing the pumps to run completely dry for indefinite periods.

Kohler Stage V Engine
The pumps are fitted with Kohler Stage V engines, which can run on both diesel and HVO Fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil Fuel). This is a biofuel that is a “drop-in alternative,” meaning it is completely compatible with existing fuel logistics and can be blended at high percentages with traditional mineral diesel. Running the pumps on HVO fuel reduces up to 90% of the net CO2  emissions. The other main benefit of using HVO Fuel is that it reduces servicing intervals, which saves time, money and customer downtime.
1000/2000 Litre Fuel Tanks:

Fitted with an external double bunded 1000ltr or 2000ltr fuel tank, the carbon footprint of the pumps, along with labour and vehicle refuelling costs, are again reduced. These tanks provide extended operation times between refuelling, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency. The double bunded design ensures maximum safety by preventing leaks and spills, adhering to environmental regulations. Additionally, the robust construction of the tanks ensures durability in various operational conditions, making them a reliable choice for both industrial and agricultural use.

Customer Centred Control Panel 
We ensured that the pump can be operated manually as well automatically, and that a set of telemetry options are provided. Our standard control panel provides the customer with a basic telemetry option of engine diagnostics (engine start/stop times, engine hours run & engine temperature etc).
Optional Accessories
  • Remote Monitoring Start & Stop Engine Facility via Smart Phone or Laptop.
  • Electronic Engine regen options. GSN geo fencing for 24/7 security. 
  • Spark arrestor & chalwyn valves can also be fitted for zoned petrochemical & industrial applications where standard pumps are not suitable.
  •  A homologated highway braked trailer mounted option is also available.
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