Euroflo is the official UK & Ireland Importer of Grindex Pumps

Euroflo is the official UK  & Ireland supplier of Grindex submersible pumps. Grindex pumps have 75 years of outstanding service and are recognised worldwide as a premium pump brand worldwide.

Grindex pumps key selling features are reliability and efficiency, but most of all safety with no compromises. Everything you need to start, run and protect the life of the pump is built in at the start. With Grindex there are no hidden extras. Its technology optimises the running flow and pressure of the pump and cuts out when safety is compromised.

“Designed for continuous, unattended operation, Grindex pumps have consistently proved their reliability and dependable performance in demanding dewatering environments across the globe.”

Grindex pumps are designed for professional use in demanding applications like mines, quarry sites, construction projects and other demanding industries. Grindex pumps are designed for pumping:

  • Water with abrasive solids
  • Water that may contain solid particles
  • Raw water
  • Spillage water

Whats more, Grindex are designed for continuous operation and do not need to be manned. One of the key features is that they can run dry – thanks to a unique air valve that prevents the motor overheating.  Take a look at the other unique features of a Grindex Pump.

Grindex is specialised in building submersible electrical pumps for professionals. Since 1940 they have delivered more than 400,000 pumps to more than 1,000 countries. Grindex have proven reliability in and demonstrated dependable performance in mines, quarries, tunnelling and other tough applications.  It’s not unheard of for a Grindex pump to have been running for 10+ years!

Alongside traditional drainage pumps, Grindex also provides a stainless steel version of their pumps for higher PH levels, sludge pumps for larger amounts of solids and pumps that are designed for heavy slurries. Take a look at the range today.

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